Thursday, September 3, 2009

Shewli in the News, Practicing and About Alcatraz

The Swim Course at Alcatraz and About the Rock
Alcatraz Island is an island located in the San Francisco Bay, 1.5 miles (2.4 km) offshore from San Francisco, California. Due to its isolation from the outside by the cold, strong, hazardous currents of the waters of San Francisco Bay, Alcatraz (often referred to as The Rock) was used as a federal prison and housed high profile criminals and gangsters such as Al Capone.
In its 29 years of operation, there were 14 attempts to escape from Alcatraz prison involving 36 inmates. Officially, every escape attempt failed, although a select few were never found and presumed dead or disappeared without trace.
Shewli in the News
Thanks 7 News for interviewing me and airing my cause.

Practicing in Chatfield Lake
Getting ready for my 1.5 mile bay swim by swimming in cold Colorado lakes


  1. Hello Shewli darling,

    This is Joy mama here from New Zealand. Congratulations on your swim! That is a fantastic achievement. I, on the other hand, can't even swim properly! :( haha.. so maybe you can teach me in January/February in India, when you come for my wedding. Look forward to seeing you all then.

    Joy mama

  2. Hey Shewy-dewy

    So proud of you! You're making waves already! Good luck for the swim. Will keep checking your blog for updates

    Toona mashi

  3. Shewli,
    You are an inspiration and I send my best wishes for your swim. It is a wonderful act and achievement on your part to train and participate at 10 years old. I'm sure that your parents, family and friends are so very proud of you. Way to go!


    I can't wait to read and see more about your experience and the event.

    All the best,
    John Dennin

  4. Hi Shewli!
    We heard about your swim and are so excited for you. We will be tracking your progress on the web tomorrow. WAY TO GO!!!
    Susan, Foster and Shane Dennin