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Last year I swam for a little over an hour in the cold stormy waters for the distance of 1.25 miles from Alcatraz Island back to the South End Rowing Clubhouse in San Francisco. I did this to challenge myself and to spread the word of “Early detection is the key to fight Breast Cancer, speak to your doctor about conducting regular preventative screening tests, and get a mammogram as per recommendations”. It was a great experience as I trained hard, met the coolest of people and received tons of support for my cause.

This year I have decided to return to Alcatraz and swim for a cause to make a tangible difference in the lives of cancer patients. I am on a quest to raise funds to help cancer patients by providing therapeutic aid to cancer patients.

This concept came from my grandmother a cancer survivor. She shared with me and my mother, her experiences about chemotherapy. She said that during chemo, it felt like molten lava was searing through your veins and you wanted to grasp and hold something in your hands to help cope with the pain. This is a pain like no other.
Determined to help others in similar conditions, my mother, Shohini Ghosh (, an accomplished sculptor, designed palm sized sculptures shaped as a boy and a girl angel figurine and called them “My Angels”. “My Angels" are sculptures that patients can decorate to provide themselves with support and hope as they cope with a chronic or terminal illness. Family and friends can add their signatures and/or messages of support. The angel truly becomes a support mechanism for the patient, silently sharing moments of joy, sadness, victory and defeat.

“My Angels" sculptures will be made of soft stress-relieving foam. The boy or girl angel can be held and squeezed easily in
the palm of a patient’s hand that allows them to share their pain and keep their faith while managing their illness.
"My Angels" have been donated to hospitals around the United States and have been gifted to terminally ill patients. These donations have been very well received and there is need for a lot more. The American Cancer Society, Inc., Surveillance and Health Policy Research department estimates that about 1,529,560 new cancer cases are expected to be diagnosed in 2010 and if possible I would like to reach out to each of them.

I am on a quest to raise funds in collaboration with my mother and
DonnaBellas Angels to provide these therapeutic “My Angels” to cancer patients as a symbol of hope, faith and silent support.

DonnaBellas Angels is 501(c)(3) not for profit organization and which provides inspirational healing art to those coping with a chronic or terminal illness. All donations are tax free and will be designated for “My Angel”
Read more about “My Angels” at DonnaBellas Angels and support my efforts by making a contribution for my cause.  By donating you're helping a patient directly.

Love to hear from you. So please leave me your favourite inspirational quote in support of someone you know who has cancer.

About my Swim: The South End Rowing Club's 15th Annual Alcatraz Invitational Swim on Saturday 8:30 AM, September 18, 2010. This is a 1.25 mile open water swim from a point abeam Alcatraz Island back to the South End Rowing Clubhouse at the foot of the Hyde St. Pier in San Francisco. Event address: 500 Jefferson Street San Francisco, CA 94109. Aquatic Park, corner of Hyde and Jefferson.

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Shewli’s efforts are supported by invVEST, a global Renewable Energy non-profit company based in Boulder. invVEST’s mission is “To enable massive scale Sustainable Energy that will generate the next vibrant economy while protecting our planet for future generations to enjoy. Together, we can”. This is accomplished via a ThinkTank of experts on Solar, Wind, Bio, Hydro etc alternative energy sources as well as by means of Energy Education & Awareness initiatives.
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At Whole Foods Market Highlands Ranch, we are active participants in our community. We are extremely proud of our community involvement and the relationships that we continue to make each month! We strive to make a difference, and were touched by Shewli’s courage and dedication! Our Whole Foods Market, Highlands Ranch – CO store sends a big cheer with Shewli as she returns to Alcatraz!

7News has been a constant supporter of Shewli's effort to contribute and make a difference to cancer patients and spread the word on Breast Cancer Prevention.

Thank you from Shewli to Doug Schepman, Christine Chang, Bertha Lynn, Mike Landees and the 7News crew

Every week on the KYGO Kelly & Rider Mornings Show we recognize people in our community that are doing amazing things.

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  1. shewli you are soooo awsome!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This is your aunt, Tua from India. You have all our support. You are truly awesome. Keep going :)

  3. Dear Shewli,
    Hi my name is lydia, and i am a journalism student with COVA (Colorado Online Virtuall Academy)I was doing reaserch for my class when i stumbled on your story, and id just like to say that what you are doing is awsome!You are an inspirations to others, and we all are cheering for you! Donnabellas angels is a cool organization and is doing some amazing things :) If its not to much trouble to ask, i would like to write about your story and organization for my class, and it would be great if i could speek with you. my email is , if not, then continue to rock on! and good luck in this years race il be cheering you on from Colorado!

  4. Congratulations Shewli!

    You are fantastic. Way to go.


  5. Hi,
    I have a question about your blog. Please email me!

  6. Shewli,

    You are a bright,spirited and adorable little (well not so little any more) bundle of courage & endurance. My Mom is a breast cancer survivor as well so this is a very dear cause & I know there are millions around the world who have a personal connection to this disease. Early detection saved her life. So keep up the good work. So proud of you. Ordering your book, can't wait to read it. XOXOXO

    Pratima Padki